Bathroom Sneak Peek Bathroom Sneak Peek

Sometimes I get really excited about a color or a fabric or a style of furniture mostly because it feels really fresh, or at least not...

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1:46 PM

Home Depot Give Home Depot Give

Thank you to the locals that stopped by the lighting DIY Workshop  that I partnered with the Home Deport on last weekend! I LOVED meeting ...

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4:40 PM

Onyx X-Base Tables Onyx X-Base Tables

Years ago, at the ABC Outlet in the Bronx, I fell in love with this antique onyx-topped side table. But even on sale the table was abou...

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11:43 AM

Yellow Curtains Playroom Yellow Curtains Playroom

There are only two bedrooms on the main floor of our house, the master bedroom and a large-ish room at the front of the house. For the first...

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7:47 AM